Our Process

Craftsmanship is a timeless style.

Our Process

Craftsmanship is a timeless style.

Connect, Collaborate.

Each piece of custom furniture starts with a conversation—with collaboration. We’ll connect with you based on your preferences: email, text, phone, or through our contact form.


We also value face-to-face communication whenever possible, whether you want to show us your space or you’d like to visit our studio in King for wood samples and to discuss your project. We’re happy to consult with you individually or alongside other professionals, such as interior designers.


The goal of these initial conversations is to establish:

  • Project goals & a quote that works with your budget
  • Species of wood & other materials
  • Whether you’ll need delivery or shipping for your finished product(s)

Establish a Timeline.

Once we’ve submitted a quote for the project, we’ll finalize our proposal and agree on a timeline for the project, so you’ll know exactly what to expect and when to expect it. For larger custom pieces, we are happy to offer delivery & installation, included in our final quote.


To begin, we require a 50% deposit up front to cover the initial cost of materials and labor. This deposit is subject to change, depending on the scale of the project and how long it is expected to take.

See Your Custom Piece Come to Life.

During the construction process, we’ll send you updates and pictures as your project comes to life. We also post updates for custom furniture and other projects to our Facebook or Instagram accounts so you can connect and engage with your project and others in the local community.


When possible, we welcome you to visit our studio in King for an in-shop look at your project as it’s created.

Completion & Installation.

When it comes to the final stages of your project, we understand the value of convenience. When possible, we’re happy to offer delivery & installation, especially for larger custom pieces and commercial projects. For smaller pieces, you’re welcome to come by for pick-up at our shop.


Whether we’re delivering your finished product or you’re picking it up, we love to have pictures of our work in its final home. In some cases, we’ll take pictures after a project is set up or installed—if not, we welcome your pictures!

Aaron Gibbons carving into wood

Start the Conversation

Looking for Inspiration?

Our Materials

We’re committed to using quality materials that are locally-sourced whenever possible. We specialize in walnut, ambrosia maple, and ash for their great color and distinctive wood grain. We have also worked in a variety of responsibly-sourced exotic species, such as IPE from South Africa or Bubinga from Brazil. We love when you know what wood species you’d like to work with, but we’re happy to consult with you on our recommendations.

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