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New York City, 5 Days, 32 Speakers, 13 workshops
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Each piece of custom furniture starts with a conversation—with collaboration. This is where our creativity meets yours. Tell us your ideas, your goals, and ask questions. Worried about budget? Just let us know what you’re comfortable with, and we’ll propose a variety of solutions to find what’s most affordable.


    • New table base design using c channel and wood inlay
    • This is going to make some beautiful cherry slabs!
    • Maple dining table with stone inlay and bubinga bowties 75
    • Cherry trunk produced 5 beautiful 11 slabs
    • Detail shot from todays island top install
    • Bowtie and inlay mapping for client approval
    • This might be the coolest most bizarre piece of folk
    • Bubinga bowtie
    • Bench seat coming up Spalted maple
    • Utilizing every bit of 25 this morning